3 Best Brain Training Games

The brain just like any other muscle can fail to develop if unexercised. This can lead to problems ranging from mild memory loss to reduced cognitive function in the long term. So to develop your mental strength, here are some fun games to play at you free time.

1. Poker

Poker is one of the toughest card games to master. It requires long hours of concentration, focus, and commitment. While some people may attribute winning at poker to luck, it is largely dependent on how much practice you put into the game. Most of this practice is mental, testing how well you can concentrate on your dealt hand while reading and anticipating your opponent’s.

By playing poker you can enhance your neuroplasticity – ability of the brain to change depending on your knowledge and understanding of varied information or experiences. By practicing poker regularly, you’ll not only boost your cognitive function but increase your chances of winning in high-stakes poker tournaments.

2. Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games or RPGs can improve your critical thinking skills, brain processing, and overall cognitive function. Since they are much slower and strategic than their action video game counterparts, they probe your brain to always think of the best plan/strategy to solve a particular problem.

RPGs promote advance planning while analysing a host of complex factors. By learning this difficult-to-master skill, you will have a much positive outlook on real-life problems thanks to your improved planning and problem-solving ability.

3. Chess

Playing chess involves essential brain abilities such as critical thinking, strategic planning, problem-solving, abstract reasoning, deep concentration, recognition of patterns, and information synthesis. While the goal of the game is similar for both the opponents (capturing the opponent’s king) there exist inexhaustible moves that either player can exploit to defeat the opponent.

Whenever you engage in an activity, new neural pathways develop in your brain. Therefore playing games that involve the brain at different levels will improve your cognitive abilities.