Alternative Medicine & Therapy for sleeping problems

The phrase ‘sleep disorders’ is an umbrella term which covers around seventy different sleep related complaints. Sufferers may report difficulties in getting to sleep, or remaining asleep for an extended period of time during the night. However the disorder presents, many therapists and practitioners of alternative medicines seek to recognise the root cause of the problem, before going on to design a course of treatment.

Almost half of all insomnia cases are found to have a psychological basis, the patient is too stressed or anxious to relax into a peaceful sleep. If this is the case then a therapist can arrange a series of sessions where the sufferer can talk through their worries, they will be taught coping strategies and behaviour modifications to improve their sleeping patterns.

Physical factors can also influence the quantity and quality of sleep we achieve; most of these are within a patients control and can be successfully managed. An alternative therapist will look at someone’s lifestyle and suggest minor changes which could make all the difference. Getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet will help the body to prepare for rest. By reviewing a list of meals coupled with any reaction a person experienced after eating, a natural practitioner can identify the foods which should be avoided in future.

Sometimes sleep disorders can be treated with a mild herbal supplement. Restless Leg Syndrome is a distressing complaint which can be eased with magnesium and vitamin E, but there are also botanical solutions to stress which could aid sleep. These are extract of Passionflower, extract of Valerian or extract of Skullcap. Each should be taken in the correct dosage before going to bed.