Getting enough sunlight

Sunlight is beneficial to the body in several ways. It helps the body make Vitamin D essential for bones and the body’s immune system. Furthermore, morning sunlight is essential for better sleep and to set up your body’s internal clock for a new day ahead. The importance of sunlight in our bodies is indisputable. However, […]

What to Do When You Take a Break from Your Exercise Regime

Whether you’re sick, recovering from an illness or are injured, taking a break from your usual workout routine can result in restlessness and boredom. While you wait to get back on your feet, you’re going to need something to keep you busy. Try these ideas and you’ll be well occupied until you’re cleared for exercise […]

3 Best Brain Training Games

The brain just like any other muscle can fail to develop if unexercised. This can lead to problems ranging from mild memory loss to reduced cognitive function in the long term. So to develop your mental strength, here are some fun games to play at you free time. 1. Poker Poker is one of the […]

Exercising Your Mind

It has long been known that people need regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy and most people add a type of activity such as swimming, jogging or yoga into their regular routine. However, the brain is the largest muscle in the body and it also requires a regular workout in order to […]

How to Quit Smoking in Two Simple Methods

Smoking is a cool-looking habit that starts with a simple trial and ends with an addiction. It is one of the easiest habits to get into and the hardest to stop. Many people struggle with stopping the habit. What makes it worse is the fact that scientists associate cigarette smoking with some terminal diseases like […]

When Alternative Medicine is Not Enough: Other Treaments

It is no secret that alternative medicine has received a great amount of attention during the past few decades. While at one time thought of as nothing more than “quack” medicine, science has discovered that there is very real value in some of the treatment options available. Unfortunately, there are times when such natural options […]

Alternative Medicine & Therapy for sleeping problems

The phrase ‘sleep disorders’ is an umbrella term which covers around seventy different sleep related complaints. Sufferers may report difficulties in getting to sleep, or remaining asleep for an extended period of time during the night. However the disorder presents, many therapists and practitioners of alternative medicines seek to recognise the root cause of the […]

Alternative Medicine & Therapy for pain

Alternative medicine and therapy for pain is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who find conventional medicines too costly or ineffective. Alternative therapies are seen as a viable alternative for managing pain, as they lessen dependency on drugs. The alternative therapies that follow help alleviate the symptoms of pain. Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapeutic […]

Recent advances in stem cell biology

Stem cells have had their share of medical research and trials done on them to find out their potential in treating anything from neurotic diseases to cancer, with companies such as Biolamina coming up with revolutionary equipment to help with this. The following are some of the most recent advances in the field in regards […]

Alternative Medicine & Therapy

Alternative medicine and therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, and is a departure from conventional medicine, which is more science based. The most popular types of alternative medicine and therapies include homeopathy, herbology, and acupuncture. There are many critics of alternative medicine and therapy, because of claims that it is not based enough […]