How to Quit Smoking in Two Simple Methods

Smoking is a cool-looking habit that starts with a simple trial and ends with an addiction. It is one of the easiest habits to get into and the hardest to stop. Many people struggle with stopping the habit. What makes it worse is the fact that scientists associate cigarette smoking with some terminal diseases like lung and throat cancer.

What Is Harmful In A Cigarette?

When plant material is burnt physically with fire, it releases some chemical compounds that are hard to break. One of these chemical substances found in the tobacco plant is called nicotine. Nicotine forms some layers in the respiratory system which is responsible for the growth of cancerous cells. Nicotine is also the addictive substance in a cigarette.


Snus is originally Swedish. It was introduced as an alternative to smoking, which had become widespread. Snus is a form of moist tobacco that is consumed by placing it in the lower or upper lip. It does not need to be burnt and the user does not have to spit it out at the end. It also comes in different flavours, which helps those who are trying to quit smoking. Snus is also not as harmful as a cigarette and is the best alternative to smoking. You purchase Snus online at Snus Direct.


E-cigs are the latest invention which bypasses the process of burning the tobacco plant directly with fire. The user gets a direct dose of nicotine into their system using this electronic device. The e-cig is designed to look and feel exactly like a real cigarette. To reduce intake, the user needs to reduce the dose of nicotine quantities they inject over a period of time. Slowly the habit can be reduced to the level where it is no longer needed. Other methods include the use of a patch and therapy