What to Do When You Take a Break from Your Exercise Regime

Whether you’re sick, recovering from an illness or are injured, taking a break from your usual workout routine can result in restlessness and boredom. While you wait to get back on your feet, you’re going to need something to keep you busy. Try these ideas and you’ll be well occupied until you’re cleared for exercise again.

Try Sewing in Some Form

There are lots of needle and thread or yarn hobbies you can enjoy to stay busy. Try embroidery, knitting or cross stitch. Not only will you keep your brain active, but you’ll also have some beautiful to show for it when you’re done. And you’ll be having so much fun you might not even notice that you aren’t able to exercise.

Do Something Artistic

If you enjoy art, consider trying some form of it while you’re side-lined. Try painting on a canvas, sculpting something out of clay or drawing. These are great ways to express yourself and are sure to distract you from the fact that you can’t exercise. Each is also ideal if you aren’t able to get up and around while you’re recuperating.

Play Games Online

If you have an iPad, laptop computer or smartphone, you have all kinds of online games at your fingertips. You might enjoy a reality app where you have to run a restaurant or build an empire. Or you may find that you love playing poker online, even if the winnings are just pretend. Games like solitaire, Tetris and many others can also help pass the time.

Read a Book

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time to read, you may relish in the fact that you can cross some of the items off that reading list you’ve been meaning to get to. Getting lost in a great story is an easy way to keep the focus off your injury or illness.